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What to Wear

Morocco is a hot but also traditional country and so dress codes may be unfamiliar to those visiting from northern Europe or the united states, where it is colder and more modern!  At the same time Casablanca is by far the most liberal and modern city and we are very familiar with visitors from all over the globe who come here and bring with them their normal dress sense.  So although any respectable clothes from your home country may be accepted here it is of course always best to make some consideration particularly if going into less developed areas such as the beaches and the suburbs.

To dress as a Moroccan of course will ensure your comfort both physically and in the sense of showing consideration for local sensibilities.

Long pants and long sleeve shirts are the norm for men, while ladies wear longer skirts and long sleeve blouses normally.  A below the knee skirt, or a short sleeve blouse for ladies is certainly acceptable, but is considered showing something.  Sleeveless dresses are only for those showing off on purpose as of course the young in any culture may do.  At no time should any man or women wear very tight clothing, not only would it be very uncomfortable in the heat but it would be considered risqué.  Also for ladies no midriff or chest area should be exposed, blouses should cover the collar bone.

It is not necessary to to cover the head, though many local women do so. Having a light scarf available to cover the head when in a religious place is helpful.


Consider buying a Djellaba, the traditional Moroccan Kaftan, or a Takchita which is similar but more for special occasions.  Originally a unisex garment it is now mostly worn by ladies, but there are men's versions also available which are worn also particularly on special days.  Highly practical for the variable weather in the city they are an all purpose go-anywhere garment in keeping with the traditions of the city!

In Mosques

Of course in any place of religious worship the dress codes for decency are more strict.  More formal attire with long sleeves and a head covering for ladies would be considered correct. 

In Baths

Public bathing is of course part of our traditions and the norms vary somewhat according to which district and which bath you are in. However the most typical is to go nude except for the lower underwear.  It is best to watch those around you and follow their lead, but you should be prepared to go either nude or topless.

At the beach

Many moroccans will play on the beach wearing normal day wear, including dresses, pants, blouses and jackets.  For those who are going swimming then board shorts for men, and bikinis for women are the most revealing that will be seen, most people will wear a shirt to swim, which is great protection against the powerful sun and good for your skin.