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Weather - Best times to visit

While any time of the year is a good time to visit Casa of course the weather is variable and depending on your personal preferences it may be better for you in one month rather than another.

Being on the Atlantic coast, but backing onto the deserts, there are a lot of combinations possible though all are quite mild.  Summer time in Casa is mild and when we see the majority of visitors from Europe.  Winter on the other hand is a cooler time with occasional rain but with cheaper flights and hotel rooms of course many visitors choose this time.

Summer is between July and September and is the hottest time of the year with temperatures going to the mid 30s centigrade, but with dry air it never seems too hot.

Only in the winter does the thermometer drop down to perhaps 12 degrees centigrade, but never lower than this so a jacket is fine and never a heavy coat is needed.

Rain is most frequent between November and March. But at other times blue skies are always in evidence, though occasional cloud gives a welcome coolness.