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Independent shops

Galerie Nadar - Named for one of the most famed French photographers of the 19th century this small art gallery which opened in 1974 is a go-to places in the Maarif to see contemporary art from Casablanca.  Find it 5 rue Al Manaaziz, open most days except for Sunday, and closed in the mid afternoon and Monday mornings.  website


Morocco Mall - The largest Mall in Morocco is located here. Find here all the chain stores including major brands and exclusive presence that can't be found elsewhere in casa, or in Morocco at all.  There is an IMAX theater and plenty of dining and eating choices. Located near the beach the viewing platforms give great views out over the sea and of the Hassan II Mosque. Eat in the large food court and view the musical fountain outside. Don't miss the giant aquarium in the atrium! website

ANFA Place Shopping Center - Located facing the Plage Lalla Meryem, and with the Cinema Megarama just outside, this is one of the hot modern shopping destinations of the city.  website

Alpha 55 - Close to the Arab League Park this multi-story department store is the only one of its kind in the city.

Traditional shopping

Old Medina - At the Ancienne Medina you will find the atmosphere of the old city. Here you will find the traditional items of Moroccan life such as the tagines, leather goods, hookahs and more.  These are sold both to the locals for their daily needs and to the visitors as souvenirs.  Some are practical and undecorated, others are wonders of handmade craftmanship designed to be display items.

New Medina - Although called "new" the Nouvelle Medina, or Quartier Habous, is actually quite historic it is still caedl "new" by locals. See more about it here.

Marché Central - Visit this real vibrant local market to see fresh produce for sale, as well as fresh seafood.  The center part of the market is dedicated to fish and other seafood caught fresh in the Atlantic and brought here every day. Around the edge of the market are restaurants which will cook for you the fish bought in the market, so even visitors staying in hotels with no cooking facilities can still experience the delight of food shopping here.  The market is open every day from early morning to late afternoon, but many stalls will be shuttered during the early afternoon after the lunch rush is past.

Maarif neighborhood - Perhaps less traditional but still in individual shops rather than malls you can walk the streets of the wealthy Maarif section of town, near the Casablanca Twin Center, to window-shop in the boutiques of Prada to Zara, as well as find all the handbags, belts, makeup and accessories for the fashionistas.

Derb Ghallef - Want high tech shopping at a discount? Or low tech second hand goods? Then this permanent flea market is the place for you. Read more about it here.

Shopping Hours

Due to the heat most shops close in the early afternoon and most are closed all day on Sunday.  Therefore the best times to shop are in the morning from around 9am when the majority of shops open up until lunch time.  The afternoon shopping from 3pm onwards can still be quite hot.