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How to get to Casablanca

Visiting Casablanca is very easy as it is right in the heart of the modern city of Morocco it is easy to reach from anywhere else.

To/From the Airport

Trains from the Mohammed V International Airport run regularly into the city and stop at the Casablanca Voyageurs station, there are many hotels near the station itself including the Ibis Moussafir Casablanca. But if you are staying further afield, such as by the beach, then you will either have a walk or a taxi ride to take.  Official taxies are parked outside the station, the petit Taxi, and can take passengers anywhere in the city charging by a standard taxi meter.

Alternatively you may find that the modern, clean and fast Tram system will take you where you need to go, in which case this uncrowded and fast public transport system will surely win your heart as one of the best modern conveniences of our city.

Self driving from the airport?  Watch this video to see the whole route!

To/From Marrakech

There are regular trains from Casablanca Voyageurs station to Trains from Casablanca run about every two hours, during the day and take a little over an hour. The cost is 140 dirham for a single one way ticket.


To/From Agadir

Flights from Casablanca to Agadir are only about one hour, and run several times per day via Royal Air Marocco. It is also possible to drive or take a combination of long distance coach and train though this will be more than 4 hours. The best route would be to take a train to Marrakech and change there to take a coach to to Agadir.  This is a common trip and it is possible to book a single ticket for the whole trip at the train or bus station depending on which direction you are travelling.

To/From Rabat

Trains make this trip easily in an hour and there are grand views as it goes along so well worth making the trip.  A