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10th Century BC - City founded by Berber fisherfolk, and later named "Anfa" by the Merenids and others who traded here.

744 - Known as "Anfa", the city was mentioned in historical records as being wealthy

1465 - Popular revolt against the rule of the Merinids

1515 - Fortress built by the Portuguese

File:Braun Anfa UBHD.jpg1572 - City is known as Anfa and is a walled city as shown here in this contemporary woodcut pictured right

1755 - Earthquake of massive size destroys much of the city and it is rebuilt again by the Portugese

1907 - Occupied by the French who established the French Protectorate five years later

1912 - Construction of the New Town or ville nouvell under the French administration

1918 - Central Post Office building constructed, blending traditional and modern styles.  Today still a place for sightseeing.

1942 - Hollywood movie Casablanca staring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman is released, which although it is not filmed here helps the city to gain worldwide attention

1943 - Casablanca Conference in between Churchill and Roosevelt helps set the stage for the end of WWII

1956 - Independence attained on 2 March

1983 - Hosts the Mediterranean Games