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The people of Casablanca mix their African roots with their French heritage, and blend that with the bounty of the Atlantic to produce a cuisine unique to the world.  Dining in the evening does not start until the day has begun to cool though so restaurants generally don't open until sunset, perhaps 7pm or later.

From African restaurants though French fine dining, from patisserie and boulangerie to international choices from Asia and Europe there is no shortage of choices. 

Consider also the many great Street Food choices that enjoyed by the locals as much as by visitors.  As you walk through the medina and stroll the avenues of the city you will find stalls and small shops all around the city which offer great choices of authentic Moroccan food.  From the streets it is possible to order the famed soupe Marocaine or Moroccan Soup with it's unique blend of herbs and spices, a rich meat and lentil meal in itself particularly when served with some tasty flat breads.


L'Etoile Centrale - Near to the Central Market, the Marche central, on rue Allal ben Abdellah this traditional Moroccan establishment with glass tables, intricately tiled walls and plenty of soft cushions, catering to an international crowd you will find as much English spoken here as French or Arabic. Sip the delicate mint tea while choosing your dishes, consider a tajine agneau or a rice with chicken!

The tajinz' factory - Located right next to the United States Consulate this fast food style tajinz' restaurant offers seat in and take away, and free wifi of course. Find it on Blvd Moulay Youssef and Blvd Hassan I where it joined Rue Moussa Ben Noussair.  Taking traditional Tajin dishes and converting them into hand meals, by making a baguette sandwich out of them, has modernized traditional cuisine while maintaining the flavors and the healthiness but making it mobile for the 21st century.

- Take traditional Tajin dishes and put them into a baguette sandwich to turn them into a portable hand meal and what do you have? The latest in the fast food traditions of Casa, found here in a bright and clean restaurant just beside the American Consulate.

Rick's Cafe - Aimed to attract those enamored by the Hollywood movie named for Casa this modern yet traditional restaurant is to be found on rue Sour Jdid.


La Teranga Senegalaise - Eat traditional African foods here from the Senegal and Gambian regions.


Le Rouget de l'Isle - With an elegant dining terrace outdoor, and opening late into the even this traditional French restaurant has won many awards. Find it off Blvd Hassan I, just across from the Lycée Ibn Toumert.  Modern Moroccan style with hanging tapestries but also modern art, with relaxing sofas, but upholstered in the latest styles and fabrics.