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About Casablanca in Morocco

The largest and most important city in Morocco it is often overlooked as visitors rush to Marrakesh or Rabat, but they are missing out on a whole world of sights, sounds and experiences that exist only here in Casablanca!  Being the largest city in the country it has the widest range of activities from important monuments, through the old city, to the modern malls and the relaxing beaches.

Whether you want to catch up on traditional culture, enjoy the sun, learn about our history or just shop till you drop you'll find everything you need here in Casablanca!



While there are many separate guides to Casablanca each one focuses on a different aspect, or becomes highly involved in particular areas which are of no concern to the majority of visitors. Hence we felt it would be good to have a FastFact guide to this Moroccan city which touches on each important part, but only with enough detail that is necessary.  Here therefore is our site, please find it useful and enjoy your stay!

Do contact us if you have any thoughts on other things that we should explain or discuss!

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